It's the whole cake.

It’s a big scary word that all businesses know
but are scared to dive into. Don’t be scared.
Be excited. 

When you hear branding what’s the first thing you think of? Logo Design. Yep don’t lie, I know you were thinking it. But think of a logo as the cherry on top of a cake.

Yeah sure it makes the cake look great but there’s so much more to it. Branding is the entire cake! Think of all the aspects of your business as ingredients to the cake. If we cant apply branding correctly to all of that then you’re going to have a pretty sh*t tasting cake.


With the right amount and the correct ingredients you’ll have a cake that makes people come back slice after slice.


Get to know yourself.

The branding journey is as much about knowing who you are as a business as it attracting more customers or selling more items or services. When you undergo a brand creation or transformation you begin to develop the real understanding of your businesses vision and values. What you really want to achieve 1 to 5 to 10 years down the road. This helps us create a brand that truly represents your business and why you exist.

So what’s involved?

The branding umbrella is a large one and under it contains so many different facets that attribute to your business.

Our main offerings include:
  • Logo Design (The Cherry)
  • Branded Collateral (The Ingredients)
  • Brand Guidelines (The Cookbook)

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