Not just for your insta fame.

A picture is worth 1000 words.
But not all books are good.

Taking a picture in todays modern age is as easy as whipping out your phone and pressing a button. And sure, those photos can turn out great…. For your Instagram.

Professional and engaging photos can sometimes make or break your businesses brand, website or marketing. If you cant grab a customer’s attention with your imagery you don’t have much hope getting them to convert.

Good imagery for your brand or website creates a stronger level of trust for your customers. Stock photography just sometimes doesn’t cut it.

Good photography takes good planning.

Taking the time to plan out and understand a shoot is imperative to achieving a good result. Understanding the locations, lighting restrictions and environmental factors get you ahead of the inevitable hurdles that shoot days will throw at you and make the process as seamless as possible.

Photography isn’t just point and shoot. We look at all the following aspects when planning and executing a photoshoot for our clients:

  • Site visits
  • Shot lists
  • Photographic style guides
  • Lighting requirements
  • Post Processing

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